Emergency Nursing

Emergency Nursing

Nursing is one of those professions where people frequently make the decision to enter into the field simply because they want to help other individuals. This is an honorable desire, to say the least.

However, no one should enter into this or any other profession unless they are certain that they are truly prepared for everything that it entails. Nursing is an inherently difficult profession that requires people to see individuals at their worst and work incredibly long hours, often for very little in the way of thanks or other form of recognition.
With that being said, the importance of emergency nursing in society today must be recognized, as it is a vital function of daily society. Most people understand this, but they don’t always fully understand what is involved in training to become a nurse.

Furthermore, anyone that is interested in pursuing this career must understand both the job characteristics that a nurse may undertake and the personal characteristics that a person needs to possess in order to perform their best work in this challenging profession.

The Importance of Emergency Nursing

Emergency-NurseIt would be difficult to quantify exactly how important emergency nursing is in today’s society. It has always been important but the role of the modern nurse has changed a great deal when compared to the role that nurses used to play.

For many years, nurses were basically there to assist the doctor with certain tasks, but those tasks were not quite as advanced as those that are faced by modern nurses.

That certainly doesn’t mean that nurses who worked decades ago had a job that was any less important than it is now. However, it does mean that anyone who wants to be an emergency nurse in today’s society is going to have to make difficult decisions when there isn’t always a doctor present at their side.

In addition, they put themselves in a great deal of danger, both physically and mentally. Sometimes their emotional state can become like a roller coaster ride because of something they have experienced at work.

They have never had more responsibility or faced greater challenges than they do today. As if that weren’t enough, these challenges are made more difficult by working short-handed and dealing with working in an environment that is typically facing financial challenges of its own, sometimes making equipment difficult to come by.

Training to Become a Nurse

Many people enter into the training without realizing how difficult it will really be. Nursing programs are notoriously challenging because they are trying to prepare any individual that goes to the program for the challenges they will face in the real world.

No matter how challenging a nursing program is, it can’t hold a candle to the challenges that an individual will face when they are working as a nurse.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of individuals are largely unprepared for attending nursing school. As such, many of them to drop out shortly after being accepted.

The ones who make it have to make an enormous commitment of their time, resources and their intestinal fortitude to ensure that they finish the program. The program is so challenging that many individuals actually feel like they are burned out on the idea of being a nurse by the time they complete the training.

Job Characteristics of Nurses

As previously mentioned, being a nurse is anything but easy. Some hospitals are designed to look more like resorts than hospitals and they have most of the amenities that make working there a little easier.

However, that doesn’t mean that these nurses don’t face challenges like working with a short staff or working with so many new nurses on the floor that it becomes almost impossible to ensure that everything is being done at the proper time. Other nurses who work in extremely busy hospitals may find themselves working without any of the comforts that make the job bearable.

They are usually overworked and they face a number of physical dangers ranging from patients with weapons to being exposed to communicable diseases that they might then bring home to their families.

Personal Characteristics of Nurses

In order to succeed in this profession, the most important thing is to want the job badly enough to refuse to give up on it.

It is also imperative that any individual who enters into this type of training does so for the right reasons. Someone that chooses to do it for money alone is going to end up burned out, frustrated and constantly irritated by the environment that they have to work in. Even those who are doing it for the right reasons often find themselves wishing they had chosen a different career path after only a few years.

The ones that stick it out are the ones that are able to laugh at themselves, help others and be serious when they need to be, as if someone has flipped a switch. They also have to know who they are deep down inside so that they can act confidently in difficult situations and they have to be able to find a way to leave whatever happens to them at work when they walk out the doors at the end of their shift.

Anyone who is not able to forget about the challenges of their shift when it is over will find themselves in a constant state of frustration where they can’t stop thinking about what has happened.

This impacts every other aspect of their lives, even having a negative impact on their relationships with other individuals. Nurses undoubtedly have one of the most challenging jobs that anyone could ever do.

That is why it takes a special individual who is more determined than most to pull it off. In other words, a good nurse has the skills to take care of a patient but they also have to be a counsellor part of the time while simultaneously acting as a teacher and an enforcer of the rules. All of this places a tremendous strain on the individual who is required to do it and in many cases, that in turn places a strain on everyone they know.

Anyone that truly feels the calling to be a nurse should never hesitate to do so but it is of paramount importance that they enter into the field knowing exactly what they are getting themselves into. That way, they can be as prepared for it as possible.